At Smoothbean! Juice Bar, juices and smoothies are all freshly made to order.  We never use additives or carton juice of any kind. Everything is pressed/juiced only when ordered.  This may take a little time, but we believe it is worth the wait and we hope customers will too.  

Smoothies made fresh to order using premium frozen fruit and low fat frozen yoghurt or ice.

Juices are always made fresh to order.

An expanded range of delicious Green Juices has just been introduced. Think healthy, cleansing, detoxifying and above all tasty!

A totally independent Coffee Shop & Juice Bar!

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2-3 Dingwall Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2NA   (Beside East Croydon train station)

Recognized around the world as the juicer to produce the sweetest juice with the lowest peel oil, our juice machine separates the skin from the orange producing a delicious sweet juice.